What is iHDRI.COM? Free HDRI Skies for everyone!

iHDRI.COM is a website that deals with the topics HDR, rendering and panoramic photography.

We offer the website visitor high-quality HDR spherical panoramas, or as often said: HDRI Skies, HDRI Maps or HDRI Environments,

with a maximum resolution of 16384 x 8192 pixels,

without registration and e-mail spam, free of charge, for download.

Due to the high, dynamic range of the HDRI Skies, they are particularly suitable for decorating and properly illuminating CG scenes.

What does the abbreviation HDR(I) stand for?

HDR(I) stands for High Dynamic Range Image and describes an image with a particularly high, dynamic range.

The media, available in 32 bit .HDR or .EXR format, have details in the dark as well as in the bright areas of the image.

This is made possible by the underexposure, normalexposure and overexposure of the motif.

The full dynamic range is captured when lights are no longer burned out and dark areas, such as e. g. B. Shadows, show details.

What does the abbreviation LDR(I) stand for?

LDR(I) stands for Low Dynamic Range Image and describes a, from 32 bits to 8 bits,

downgraded image, which is usually stored in .JPEG format and contains a mixture of underexposure, normalexposure and overexposure.

Due to the down-calculation to 8 bits and the associated loss of light information, LDRI’s are no longer suitable for rendering .

Therefore, they are only suitable as thumbnails, for presentation in the portfolio or in the gallery.

An LDR image is just a small section of a large whole!

Can I use the HDRI Skies made by iHDRI.COM commercially?

Of course. The private and commercial use of our HDRI Skies is permitted.

I sell pictures. Can I sell the HDRI Skies offered by iHDRI.COM?

This is allowed, but it is necessary to name the author (iHDRI.COM).

A link to our website https://www.ihdri.com would also be desirable. In addition,

the customer should be informed that HDRI Skies from iHDRI.COM are available free of charge.

Does iHDRI.COM produce HDR spherical panoramas for customers, according to customer requirements?

We are delighted with every order. Send us a message with your concerns and we will contact you.

We already can say that there will be price reductions if we are given permission to make the photographed motifs

available as HDR spherical panoramas on our website.

In which programs are the spherical HDRI Skies used?

Our spherical HDRI Skies are used in 3D rendering programs like

Blender, Marmoset Toolbag or inside the Unreal Engine 4.

Due to the standard .HDR format, our HDRI Skies should work in every imaginable renderer and give nice ambient light.

Some of your HDRI Skies are visually not appealing. Why don’t you delete them?

Our goal is to capture the ambient light. The appearance of the motif is important, but only secondary.

If we find that a less attractive motif casts bad light, we will not post it on the Internet.